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toddler and children Therapy 1hr - £40 

-Intervention plan for global developmental and speech delays;

- Intervention plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder – ABA therapy;

-Intervention plan to reduce problem behaviour in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder;

-Intervention plan for ADHD;

-Intervention plan for children with learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia;

-Toilet and potty training;

-Teach your child to behave when going shopping – training for parents;

-Teach your child to play – training for parents.


Online Therapy 1h-£40

-Affordable treatment with a licensed therapist

-Freedom to communicate with someone on your own schedule

-Accessibility in a variety of ways (on the phone, via messenger, text-based therapy, video chat sessions)

-Convenience and comfort – speaking to a therapist from your own home

-Choices in online mental health professionals with whom you will resonate the best

-Convenient for people with disabilities –no need to travel to appointments

-Comfortable for those who have trouble communicating face-to-face

-Confidential – there is a less risk of bumping into someone you know or have someone seeing you getting out from the therapist’s office.


Individual Therapy -1hr £40

-Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias;


-Difficulties in making decisions;

-Conflict management;

-Eating disorders (obesity, bulimia, anorexia);

-Loss of a loved one (separation, divorce, mourning)

-Coping in a foreign country;

-Low self-esteem and devaluation;

-Sleep disorders (restless sleep, insomnia, nightmares);

-Disorders associated with menopause,

-Self-knowledge and awareness of the inner potential;

-The best career choice;

-Lack of emotional and behavioral control and self-control;


Couples Therapy 1hr - £50 

- Stop frequent misunderstandings and arguments;

- Work through problems;

-Understand why infidelity has happened;

-Make a decision to get out of a toxic relationship;

-Prepare for married life and marriage;

-Deal with unwanted pregnancy by one of the partners;

-Understand each other;

-Deal with hurt feelings;

-Fall in love again with each other.

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